Now, why would I recommend a competitor? Particularly one that I've never met?

Good question! (but you always have good questions).

I came upon Heather Stimmler-Hall's website by accident as I was searching information against Tripadvisor and I must admit that I was seduced by her prose and by the fact that she isn't scared to take stands against big institutions if she thinks that she's right doing so. Not only does she nail down beautifully Tripadvisor's main cons, I also loved her statement about Laduree macarons with which I also totally agree!

I don't mind advertizing for her because:

1) we’re not really competitors; I offer historical tours and she teaches Parisian culture, gastronomy and trends. And from what I read that she wrote about Paris, she obviously knows the city quite well (probably better than me for the trendy places).

2) I love to have found another prolific writer who doesn't mind putting cats among pigeons if it's for a good cause!

3) I believe there's room for both of us (and many more!) on the market.

4) last but not least: I love the fact that for the museums she recommends fully-licensed guides who are more expensive than me! (but don't rejoice too fast because that could possibly change in the future...).