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It is not without some emotion, the news just came out:

Paris is officially the most expensive city in the world to live in! (as if I didn't know).

The only thing which can tarnish (just a tad) our performance is the fact that we have to rank

together with Hong Kong and Singapore! And New York only ranks #7 (amateurs!).

Welcome to the country where average price for a small Coke is above 5 $ and where a large Coke in

a tourist trap can reach the amount of 20 $ ! But they do serve you a huge glass (2 liters = 0.5 gal) for the latter.

Yes, but on the other hand things like transportation and entrance tickets to museums are cheap.

Now aren't these the things that you're really interested in?!

Anyway, Paris has something that no other city can boast about: Paris will always be Paris !!!

It's official: Paris is N°1 !!!

About the cost of living in Paris...