Paris  Personal Tours

As far as I'm concerned, I chose to make not-so-much money with my car because my main income comes from my main profession which is "official licensed guide". I chose to get an official transportation license (and insurance) so that I can guide you on certain tours going to places not easily accessible by public transportation, but otherwise I get a kick from guiding, not from driving, even though I do enjoy driving the  Renault Talisman sedan I invested in to drive you people around:

If you are 4 (among which a teenager son for example), tell him he'll have the middle-back-seat... because it's the least comfortable one (but still good for not-so-long drives). You can nevertheless tell him that there'll be 2 USB ports just in front of him and wifi in the car: that should cool him down.

And even if you're only a party of 2 or 3, if you prefer to have more space inside the vehicle, as I will soon invest in a minibus, it will be possible to arrange the use of it with only a small additional fee. Just to let you know...

(Warning : the first link below is a killer for time...)

(but you get to see a picture of me guiding and, what do you know, you may have the opportunity to click on a Camembert!)

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