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but nevertheless please make sure you read all that is written below.

And, please, please, please... don't say I didn't warn you!

Why is it that, on most of the websites I visit, the legal terms always are like the terms of a contract as dense and complicated as if you were buying a house? Can't they make it simple?

I will (sort of).

All pictures on this website were either:

- taken by me: they therefore have the watermark "© Parispersonaltours" on them. That means that they are MY property but, if you ask me nicely and if you don't use them for commercial purposes which would compete with my business, I will gladly and proudly let you use them (as long as you leave my watermark on them).

- free of rights and downloaded mostly on (like the first two pics on this page).

- or they are part of the Public Domain (free of rights and almost always marked as such).

When it comes to the written material, maybe you've noticed: it's kind of "personal"... I allow you to quote me as long as you direct to my website as the original source. Do I really need to mention that if you use some of my descriptions for your website, as every page is copyrighted, unless I gave you the authorisation to do so, I will take legal action against you?

Oh, and some competitors might be tempted to copy some of my "unusual" tours. To them I say:

"Beware of the consequences and... GOOD LUCK!"

Except for the several-days-tours (which sometimes need to be planned longer in advance),

you can book me maximum 6 months in advance

and you will please pay me the first payment (for my counselling fees) only two months before the tour.

And until you pay me this deposit, you are free to cancel for whatever reason with no penalty

and we can maybe reschedule.

For the half-day-tours and the one-day-tours, which can easily be moved around

(as most of you should visit for several days) (and if you don't, shame on you),

all I can do if you contact me more than 6 months in advance is to tell you that,

even though you're the first on the list, even though there's a 95% chance I'll do the job,

only two months before the desired date will I be able to confirm to you if I will be your guide "in person"

on that date or if I'm only available at an other date (the day before or 2 days later for example)

or if I can arrange someone else on that particular date.

The main thing here is that I don't want to be tied-up more than 2 months in advance and I don't want to make promises I won't be able to keep...

But I want you to know that I will not let you down and, if I can't do the job myself, I will try my best

to find someone else that I know who will maybe not have my strong personality but who will have what it takes

to meet your demands and who will definitely enhance your visit (and isn't that what it's all about?).

And it will maybe happen (in very few cases) that in the end I recommend you to another company

which won't necessarily offer the same tours

and, if they do, won't necessarily perform them the same way.


President : Laurent Guariglia


95120 ERMONT

SIRET : 822168472 00014

R.C.S. Pontoise APE : 7990Z

The thing is: my priority is not to sell you anything at any cost just to get money out of you,

my priority is to keep my business small (at least for now)

because it's the only way I can keep two vital things for me:

the quality of my services and my peace of mind.

And if you cancel between two months and one month before (after you've paid the deposit), I'll give you a "coupon" for the value of your deposit that you can redeem (or give to anyone you know) during a period of 2 years.

If you cancel less than one month before, unless you have a good reason (and I'm very understanding),

you'll lose the deposit. But, even in that case, it won't hurt you that much as I made sure that the deposits are small.

Concerning the "customized multi-day tours", as soon as I've confirmed my availability and that you chose the program and the hotels we'll be staying at (except for the flat in Saint-Raphael, for which you pay nothing), you will please wire me a deposit of 200€ per day, of which you will automatically lose 50% if you cancel afterwards because that will pay for the time I spent working on your itinerary because each itinerary is unique and customized to your wishes and that's a lot of work!

But for those long tours, if you cancel between two months and one month before, depending on the time of the year,

if I can replace the work by another one, I will probably give you a coupon for the remaining 50%. And if there were hotels that we were supposed to stay at, as you will have made the bookings and paid for the deposits yourself, I'm afraid you will have to deal with their own cancellation policies (and chances are they won't be as cool as me).

Do I need to make it more complicated than this? I don't think so!

Thank you to the Traveling Professor for taking this picture of me guiding one of his small groups at the Louvre!

Legal terms (sort of)

Booking, Cancellation and refund policy