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This video was completely improvised on location. Since they were doing some outside off-season embellishments at the house of Leonardo da Vinci, they had exceptionally closed the blinds on both sides of the painting which made the shooting of this video possible (otherwise the usual backlight is too strong). I saw the opportunity and,

as I was guiding a couple on a three-day Loire Valley trip with whom I got friendly, I was bold enough to ask them

if they wouldn't mind shooting a short video of me with Mona and they accepted. They only shot two takes and I coudn't do otherwise than to dub myself afterwards because of the electric drill in the original background!

While in Amboise, if you choose to go visit Leonardo da Vinci's burial place, you will arrive in front of this:

A genius like him couldn't have planned it better... except that, in his will (written just a few days before he died in April 1519), he had asked to be buried somewhere else... His remains were indeed buried where he wanted and they were moved inside that adorable small chapel only in 1874. Why was that, do you think? Wouldn't you like to know?

Oh, and I chose not to show the inside of the chapel so that you still have stuff to discover when/if you go there.

Isn't that an amazing set-up? And it's at the top of a cliff! (see below)

About the other Mona Lisa at the house of Leonardo da Vinci at Amboise ...