Paris(but not only)  Personal Tours

Now, why should you visit a website other than mine? Ah, yes: if you visit another country!

And here are two indispensable ones:

Rome Personal Tours

Stuart and Nicoletta are very good friends and you wouldn't want anybody else to guide you in Rome (unless they're already busy). I've known them both since the early 1990s when I guided their tour groups around Paris before they became local guides. Over the years a professional relationship has grown into a long friendship which ended up with us creating similar sounding websites (with a different approach though). They are both highly skilled professionals who will inform and entertain you at a top notch level.

London Personal Tours

Exactly the same scenario for my very dear friend Eric who is still in the process of creating

his sister website (coming out soon!). In the meantime, you can send him an email

so that he (or one of his talented colleagues) can take good care of you while in London.

Otherwise, for a customized trip to Italy or France,

you'll be thrilled by what the Enthusiastic traveler can do for you.

And for wherever you may want to go to, the Traveling professor surely has a good trip in stock for you!

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