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Tourism in France during and after the coronavirus

Wow, what a tsunami this Covid-19 has generated worldwide… Three years ago, no one could have predicted this was going to happen. Likewise, no one can really predict what will happen for sure in the future. What we can say for certain is that tourism has changed and will change again as soon as a new wave/variant/vaccine shows up. Whatever happens, I doubt that we will ever go back to normal, which is a good thing because « normality » before Covid-19 rhymed with « over-tourism » which had become unbearable in certain places like at the Louvre or Versailles.

One of the silver linings about the lockdowns we’ve been through is that it gave me time to create new tours such as "Around the Moulin-Rouge" that I'll soon be advertizing for. I've also had the time to gather tons of anecdotes and was able to scan (or download) an incredible number of old photographs, videos, paintings and engravings to illustrate better my visits. Talk about bringing the past alive! I will show you those pictures on my tablet and give you thrills like you've never experienced with a guide before, particularly during my Père-Lachaise cemetery tour which has recently been updated and expanded and which I definitely intend to become my signature tour.

Anyway, if ever you decide to visit France this year, you now know where and how to find me, right?

From Paris with love,


What if I fall?

Yes, but what if you fly?

Ah, but some of you will say that "Paris will always be Paris"! Oui, but things can never be exactly the same since we are all aware that whatever we do, wherever we go, we need to play it safe. And because of that, precautions must be taken. And that's when having your own guide becomes even more interresting, because having your own guide is not only having immediate access to all the answers to your questions, it’s also like having your own coach, assistant and advisor. No less!

Of course, if you come to Paris for the first time, you will still want to visit the blockbuster museums like the Louvre and Versailles, but with all the new hygiene measures involved, more than ever I recommend using my services for outdoor excursions and especially my walking tours. And here you will be spoiled for choice!

Can you believe that I took this picture inside Paris?

(check with me to know where)

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