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Platforms can be perfect for you to buy a plane ticket or to rent a flat from a private individual. In both cases you save money with no collateral damage (except for the hotels in the latter case but, as unfair a competition it is, as long as it's considered legal by the authorities, it's therefore called "competition"). But you need to know that platforms where you book local guides are almost inevitably people-grinding machines where the platforms have the guides working at the strict minimum wages while maintaining them in a precarious servitude.

This picture of that incredible capital does say it all, doesn't it? And this picture could be taken by you if I bring you to the Loire valley. You just need to tell me in advance that you want me to bring you there so that I can plan it in our itinerary.

Just to let you know...

One of the reasons I created this website is that I simply refuse to become an interchangeable/disposable calibered product that you can purchase with a single click like you would buy a pizza on the internet.

I wanted you to take the time to consider who I am and what I offer and then find out if we can plan to spend quality time together: all I want is to make you eager to see me while making me eager to see you too!

In short, this website is an opportunity for me to:

1) continue being paid a decent salary while offering you a state-of-the-art private guiding experience (and it won't necessarily cost you more, sometimes less!).

2) tell those platforms that they can:

I like this picture of me having a laugh with Claire and her boys. We had a fine day at Vaux-le-Vicomte in 2014.

Did you know that those greedy platforms keep between 10 and 50% of your money just because you clicked on their fast-easy-to-book website and that's all they do? And, in a lot of cases, they never even met us in person!

What you should know about self-booking platforms...