Paris  Personal Tours

I bought the software to make this video in 2006 (I know, but I've been busy). I knew from then on, without any doubt, that I would use it one day for my introduction video on my future website's homepage and I'm so glad it finally happened (it helps to be patient). This software can only run on an old Mac with an old operating system (therefore the poor image quality) but I'm quite happy with the result (despite its inevitable amateurishness) because it says it all and it gives you a rather good idea of what I look and sound like. It took me over a hundred takes (time flies when you're having fun) before I came up with this one. It's not perfect but it was the best I could come up with. And, for your information, as I wanted to appear as a TV host, I originally did the first 50 takes wearing a tie but, after I showed my favorite take to my son and a good friend, I was told that I looked too serious (which was true). It was my son who suggested the bow-tie and I used one which belonged to my grand-father (on my mother's side) which I had never worn before. You'll please tell me what you think about it but I kind of like the look it gives me and I intend to buy and wear some more in the future!

And about the brilliant jingle music at the beginning and at the end of this video, it was composed and played by my lifelong best friend (since kindergarten) Fran├žois of whom you can discover on Spotify here his only album to this day (he has an office job to pay the bills + he paints + he writes).

Just to let you know...

Introduction video of Paris Personal Tours