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When I registered the name "Paris Personal Tours" back in 2000 (I know, I've been lazy), I only had in mind to offer you Paris tours because that's where my market was. But then I inherited this beautiful flat on the Riviera... and I enjoyed being able to travel in the middle of the week during non-official-holiday-periods (NEVER travel out of Paris on a Saturday and/or towards Paris on a Sunday) and suddenly it made the whole difference!

The thing is: there is SO MUCH MORE to France than just Paris! Paris is unique and all, but Paris is not representative of France (the same way New York is not representative of the U.S.). I so want to show you the lanes lined with trees, the quaint villages, the charming town squares, the castles, the forests, the mountains, the rivers, the hidden waterfalls, the cliffs, the seas, the AMAZING prehistoric or natural caves, our small (but not so small) grand canyons, the romantic hotels with large rooms and beautiful gardens where you can have your morning coffee (and croissants!), the gastronomical restaurants at the same price as a second-rate pizzeria in Paris, the kindness of the locals...

Plus, even though I enjoy being called by my first name by the staff at Versailles or the Louvre, it is so nice to be one's own boss and to organize off-the-beaten-track quality itineraries!

Here below you will find options for GREAT half/full-day excursions from (and back to) Paris, but the ultimate journeys (if you ask me, and if you have the time and budget for it) are the ones where you let me guide you on a 2, 3, 4, 5 day trip outside Paris so that I can show you the stuff that dreams are made of... You name it, I'll plan it. You give me a number of days, the names of the places you don't want to miss, and I'll come up with a personalized itinerary and give you many options!

Or you could just give me carte blanche...

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