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What on earth is Chambord? A Royal Palace? A hunting lodge? A castle in the sky? Just a white elephant?

Well, it turns out it's a little bit of each... and much more than that! There are no words to describe Chambord, except maybe the definition one of my clients told me after visiting it: you know Laurent, the best way I could describe this place would be as "the Disney Castle on steroids". And that's exactly it!

You HAVE to see Chambord if you go to the Loire Valley: you have to see the size of it, the dimensions of the rooms, the incredible central staircase that we think/hope (the truth is we don't know) was designed by Leonardo da Vinci and the view from the upper terrace where you are like in a castle in the clouds.

But we don't need to spend to much time at Chambord, especially if we have other fabulous places to visit on our agenda.

Don't we?

Chambord Palace