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Chenonceau is know for the French as the "chateau des dames", mostly for the three ladies (Katherine Bri├žonnet, Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medicis) who built it in the 16th century and for the two who restaured it in the 18th (Madame Dupin) and 19th century (Madame Pelouze), but there were others!

Built partly over the river Cher, Chenonceau is quite unique in its location, history, architecture, decoration and lifestyle. And what charms us most is that we could easily picture ourselves living in it. The beautiful fresh-flowers arrangements in each room (replaced twice a week) also make us feel as is the chateau is still inhabited (it's not but it's still privately owned!).

Chenonceau is on the bucket list of most French people because its charm and beauty are legendary. My piece of advice: whether you see it this year, or the next or ten years from now (I shoud still be around), put it on your bucket list too!

Chenonceau Castle