Paris  Personal Tours

I have mixed feelings about the place: the building itself is beautiful, the works of art exhibited there are really worthwhile and I love Picasso as an artist (the man was SUCH a genius), but I've had good reasons in the past not to be satisfied about how they welcome guides from the outside + I don't like their opening hours or guidelines. On top of that, I really need to work on my commentaries because I'm not satisfied with them yet.

That's why I'd rather tell you for now: I could take you there but it would be a good idea to go on your own! And in order not to have to wait in the ticket line, you have to buy your ticket in advance here.

The visit takes around 1h30. It can easily be done at the end of my visit of the Marais.

I will nevertheless tell you about Picasso (and show you where he lived) if I take you to Montmartre.

And if I take you to the French Riviera, I can bring you to the Picasso museum in Antibes (halfway between Cannes and Nice) which is far from being as rich and interresting as this one but it is still quite interresting,

What's not interesting about Picasso anyway?

Picasso Museum