Paris(but not only)  Personal Tours

Last but far from being least, I've put the Saint-Denis Basilica in the tours "outside Paris", which is technically correct as it's 3 miles outside Paris North but, just to let you know, the metro goes there...

Saint-Denis was the technical lab for Gothic Art which appeared here 20 years before the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris was even started... I will of course mention that when we're there, but Saint-Denis is mostly famous for the French as the burial place of nearly all the French Kings and Queens. Even though it was vandalized during the French Revolution, the very-well-restored-79-remaining recumbent statues of royal effigies give me the opportunity to tell you all about the kings who succeeded each other on the throne from the 8th century until the 18th century: this is a unique opportunity to get your Louis (18 of them), Charles (10 of them), Philippes (6 of them), Henris (almost 5), Fran├žois (only 2) together! It may sound like a lot to absorb (it is) but:

1) I will give you a very quick overview of the not-so-important-ones.

2) I will make it fun, informative and memorable for the rest (trust me).

And the darkness inside the basilica suits well the use of my tablet to show you a lot of portraits and engravings so that you can more easily put faces to their names!  

Saint-Denis Basilica