Paris  Personal Tours

I KNEW you would ask! The answer is “no but yes”...  I don’t really do “food tours” because:

1) they’re too easy to perform.

2) one doesn’t need real qualification to be guiding a tour like this.

3) I’d rather do historical tours.

And, honestly, why would you need someone to take you to a few renowned shops to get a few samples (generally highly paid) of various products so that your so-called "guide" can tell you something like "it tastes good, doesn't it?".

If you want good stuff, go to the numerous good restaurants, caters, bakeries and... enjoy!

Because I've got news for you, mate: you only live once and you don't want to miss the good stuff!

And do we have some good stuff around here!

Now, I can't hide that I'm an "epicurean" by nature: I love good food, good wine and good chocolate, so I know all the good places to go to and I can either tell you where or stop there during a tour so that you can buy the best products of what you're interested in. And I can almost always arrange for you to visit an outdoor market during, after or before our tour together.

Because... it's for a good cause!

And if you have the time, how about going to a cooking class? Just saying...

Do you do Food tours?