Paris(but not only)  Personal Tours

Now, why did I put this classy bestseller tour at the end of my list?

Because Versailles deserves that we spend the day and because Giverny combines well with Auvers/Oise.

But if you only have one day to take a tour outside Paris and you really want to visit those two places no matter what, those 2 tours combine very well together. See the proof below:

And look at them:

Louix XIV by Robert Nanteuil in 1670.

Louis is 32.

Claude Monet by Carolus-Duran in 1867.

Claude* is 27

Don't they have the same "and-you-have-seen-nothing-yet" kind-of look?

Not exactly the same thing but aren't there some similarities?

Duration of the tour: 10 to 12 hours depending of how much time you allow for the gardens at Versailles.

Best on Saturdays and Sundays for the fountains at Versailles.

Versailles and Giverny in a day