Paris(but not only)  Personal Tours

And why is that, you may ask? You do all those tours that nobody else does and you can't do just this one?

I hear your concern. Well, there are many reasons for that. Here they are:

- the main one is that it took me a lifetime to master (sort of) the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th century but, as far as the 20th century is concerned, my interest stops just before WWII. And I know just the big lines of WWI, enough to get by, which means that I couldn't lecture you on any of the world-wars because I don't know them well enough. For me, it's simple: we were the good guys, they were the bad guys, we fought, we won. I'm sorry but my braincells simply have other priorities than to know "who did this" and "then they did that".

- the landing beaches, for Americans (especially the ones who come to France just for them), bring up a lot of sad stories which inevitably touch their emotional core and I don't go for that stuff because it makes me uneasy (+ I get a kick at making you dream and have a good laugh: I just couldn't bear to make you sad!).

- if you do this tour in one day from Paris, it means A LOT of driving, a very early departure and a late return, and that's too tiring and too time consuming for us (but there's nothing wrong for you to do that on your own with another company if that's the only way which works for you, and you can always take it easy the next day).

Otherwise, you know what we could do? We could leave for the Normandy region together and do the "In the footsteps of the Impressionists painters" tour together for one, two, three days (in fact as many days as you wish and that I'm available for) and, at the end the tour, I can give the floor to a specialist for a day, how about that? At the end of the next day, he can leave you at a train station for you to return on your own to Paris (and, if necessary, I could bring back some of your luggage with me to Paris). Or I could take the day off and continue with you the next day to go to Brittany or wherever the "wind" brings us? As always: your call.

Two more things:

- if you're into WWII stuff, if you come with me to the French Riviera, I'll bring you with pleasure to the monuments in the area where Americans troops landed on August 15, 1944. And if we are there on August 15 (you never know) we will see the celebrations for the commemoration of that event where local people dress up and bring out the old Jeeps and Citroëns. It's a very colorful and festive moment (check it out here at the end of the video).

- if you have time to spare (oh boy, oh boy) and if you want to know what I think about some people calling us "cheese-eating surrender monkeys", you can click on the picture below :

Sorry but I don't do them!

Landing beaches