Paris(but not only)  Personal Tours

(Except that these ones stay dead)

This is one of last tours I've thought of. It's odd that I (and nobody else for that matter) didn't think of it before!

Because, come to think of it, I say it's a great tour! During one 10-hour day I will take you to the Saint-Denis Basilica, Père Lachaise Cemetery and the Catacombs: it will be skulls galore all day!

But, mind you, it's not necessarily what you think it could be...

I've always believed that death is not scary (it's just that I don't want it to happen too soon, you know) and, as a teenager (a long long time ago) I really enjoyed horror movies (I still do occasionally) but, strangely, now that I lost both my parents, I tend to find the atmosphere of graveyards to be sort of "soothing". But that's another story...

On this tour, whether you are young or old, if you allow me, I intend to surprise you and to make you laugh but also to make you think and wonder about things. It may also happen that I'll bring a little tear to your eyes with a sad story...

But I guess I could also throw in a few thrills!

Your call.

The day of the dead